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Super Conforming loans are also Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, but they allow for larger loan amounts in “high cost” housing markets such as in most of the Bay Area.  County by county the actual maximum loan amounts can be less.

The great news is that Super Conforming rates are often very low, even when compared to the excellent rates of Conforming loans.

Here are some of the counties in Northern California that are eligible for the $679.650 maximum loan amount: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. In Sacramento the limit is $517,500.

In most counties north of Sacramento there is no eligibility for Super Conforming loans. For loans over $453,100, we would use our Jumbo loans, which also have great rates!

Super Conforming Loan Limits

  • 1 Unit Minimum $453,100 up to $679,650
  • 2 Unit Minimum $580,150 up to $870,225
  • 3 Unit Minimum $701,250 up to $1,051,875
  • 4 Unit Minimum $871,450 up to $1,307,175
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