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Who is California First Mortgage?

Jim Wikey is the owner and Senior Loan Consultant at California First Mortgage Co. He will manage your loan process from start to finish.
“In 1978 a good friend of mine brought me into the mortgage business. He worked for a large, state-wide mortgage brokerage, at the San Jose headquarters. I was accepted for the job of Marketing Rep, moved from Chico to San Jose and went to work.

At the time I knew nothing about mortgages. But I soon learned, and in a few years the company chose me to open their new Walnut Creek branch office, where I managed loan officers, appraisers, and the processing staff. We soon became one of the company’s most successful offices.
But I eventually realized that this company’s selection of available loans was just too narrow, and I went on to work with a mortgage brokerage that offered a much broader variety of home loans. I soon realized that as a true mortgage broker, I had access to hundreds of wholesale lenders.
After years of research, I now believe that I’m working with the most competitive lenders available. And since we’re located in the “low overhead” town of Chico, and because I have few employees to pay, we can keep our profit margin slimmer than most other mortgage brokers. And this translates to even more savings for my customers.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much better our pricing is, especially compared to the huge internet companies. Please contact me before signing up with these very pricey companies. We just might save you thousands of dollars.”
We originate loans throughout California, including the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Chico.

Contact California First Mortgage today to find out what makes us stand out from the competition! Reaching us is easy:

Call us at (800) 391-7334 and speak with one of our mortgage bankers.

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